Essay Plan FNA 1930

Abstract: “Max Beckmann – The Old and the New.” (Working title)
In this essay I wish to consider a certain period of Beckmann’s life (around 1898-1920), and within this period, I wish to consider one of Beckmann’s works (Self – Portrait 1901) which I believe is an important part of the artist’s development. I also wish to explore the varying reasons as to why changes happened in Beckmann’s work (hence the time period), and evaluate the situation he faced during this time, as not only was the First World War happening, but attitudes towards art in Germany at this time were on a rather rocky slope, and I believe this would have had a severe impact on Beckmann’s attitude towards his work and his work as a whole.
In doing all of this I hope to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of Beckmann’s stance in the world during his life, and also why his work became more reclusive and disguised in later years.

Sections: Introduction – Summarizing the essay as a whole outlining the general argument, with intentions on how the essay shall progress. Also introducing the work concerned, and adding a little background information on Beckmann shall be given to allow a foundation for further elaboration in following sections.

Section one – Talking about Self – Portrait 1901 and the critical views around the work (Sister Wendy Beckett and Peter Selz), including my own. Analyze the change in Beckman’s artwork from the time of the mentioned artwork to a time period near the end of Beckmann’s career, considering why this may have happened.

Conclusion – Conclude why changes happened in his work and round the argument up on a personal note on the subject matter discussed as a whole.

Bibliography and list of works, sources ect. :

The following texts where consulted, after each text, the relevant works that will be mentioned from them are listed as follows:

(Critical writer 1) Sister Wendy Beckett, Beckmann and The Self, Prestel-Verlag, Munich, New York, 1997

Works in book:

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Self-Portrait with Soap Bubbles, 1898-1900, Mixed media on pasteboard (32 x 25.5cm), Private Collection, pg 12.

Self-Portrait, 1901, Dry point, 21.8 x14.3 cm, Private Collection pg 15

Self-Portrait with cigarette, 1947, Oil on canvas, (63.5 x 45.5cm), Dortmund, Museum am Ostwall, pg 101

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Miscellaneous works:

Franz Xaver Messerschmidt (1736-1783), The Yawner (model), circa 1778-1783,

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