Encounter with an art work - 2

 Going back to the picture I was talking about the other day....

Looking at it again it doesn't move me as much as I remember, it's still reminding me of a cartoon, and the only thing thats coming out to me is the rain. The girl doesn't actually seem to be sad despite the tear rolling down her cheek, if anything, she is blank. I suppose this may have been becasue that was the expression I wore a lot at the time, and I also find a sense of clarity in the idea fo a blank, emotionless face, given that the face is where most of our expressions come from. 
It may also be that the only other time we wear an expressionless face is when we're dead. Perhaps this makes the image more of an "You can point a gun to my head, but I'm dead inside.." type of scenario?
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    May 24, 2017