Encounter with an art work - 1

This was an image I drew myself in March 2006, I remember at the time being very much a drawing person, primarily obsessed with creating pictures of people in various situations. The picture is monochrome, which is still one of my favourite formats for 2D media, in this particular case the mediums consist of pencil and ballpoint pen, as I would usually draw at school and would only have the ususal school untensils to work with.

As I consider why I did such a picture, I remember that at the time I was 15, and I recall being extremely hormonal with my views generally across all issues. So when I look at this picture I am not really surprised as to the fact that it contains within it a relitavely young female with a gun pointed to her head with rain slanting across the page. Nor am I surprised at the rather unoriginal title of 'Hostage' that I gave to it.
Upon looking at it, it looks like it is meant to be a cartoon inspired, or anime themed picture, however I'd had no exposure to anime or manga of any kind at the time, and my main goal was to create a life resemblance, but not a life drawing. I was also obsessed wiht detail, hence the use of pen, as I would often start out with a very light pencil to get feel of how the image would turn out. At the time I never drew from subjects, it was always directly from my imagination, which surprises me as now if I attempted to draw something from my mind only, it would probably turn out less refined.

My final thoughts on this are that as a picture, its only success is that of a more artistic cartoonist, but technically, its pretty good, and agewise, it shows that I was an avid practicer in drawing.
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