Art Writing (FNA1930)

"A Pocket - sized mimicry of my sketchbooks (complete with doodles), brainstorming key points about my method of working and ideas."

(Original format was in an A7 book)

1. "What does most of your work entail?"

Writing: I like to write about the topics I explore quite deeply... I enjoy in depth evaluation of my own processes and ideas... Becasue I find most of my work is quite AUTONOMOUS.... Becasue I believe it's good to enquire why you choose a certain idea.

Sculpture: So far a lot of my work seems to bend towards this area... Also my specialism happens to be metalwork!... Again autonomy seems to exist in this area which is also why I think a lot of my work becomes sculptural... But I also enjoy the sense of impact a sculpture has.

Drawing: 2nd most preferred method of working... This method took a back seat while I became obsessed with sculpture but I have recently been getting back into it... My main body work here consists of life drawing... I mostly draw the human form as it is an area I've always been interested in.

Abstract Ideas: I believe this is the main reason my art gets a little autonomous... I like to pursue abstract ideas becasue they tend to interest me the most... I also enjoy the fact that they are highly debatable... This gives me many routes to explore.

2. "When do you think you have a great idea?"

Based on two things:

Does it make sense?... Is it an adequate response?

The Feeling.
This may seem strange, but if my idea doesn't make me buzz with exitement, I do not consider it a particularly great idea... This is mostly because I am a particularly passionate person about ideas... Also I give this method credibility as all my ideas that give this feeling get great feedback and interest. 

3. "So, Why the little booklet?"

For some reason I have a little obsession with creating little booklets... My most recent creation was "The little book of S**t"... I also prefer to make my sketchbooks, and most of my directional ideas come from brainstorming... Plus it makes a change from doing a sheet of A4!

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